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Super Duty Air Chipping Hammer
KI-4735-S4-R Specification Blows per min.: 1700 bpm Piston stroke: 5.6 inch (142 mm) Overall length: 17.5 inch (445 mm) Air inlet: 3/8 pt Air hose: 1/2 I.D. Avg. air consumption: 5.9 cfm (167 l/min) Net weight: 19.4 lb (8.80 kg)
3 in 1 Super Duty Orbital Air Sander
KUANI Super Duty Orbital Palm Sander with Patented Vacuum Design 3 vacuum modes in 1 sander          (Non-vacuum/Central vacuum/Self vacuum) Speed control switch          Controls the requlation of the air inlet and adjusts the          pad speed from off to maximum. Low noise levels          Innovated muffl
1" SQ. DR. Super Duty Composite Air Impact Wrench
• 4 positive power settings; full power in reverse • Comfortable TPR grip • Max torque of 1400 ft-lb Square driver: 1 inches Free speed: 6000 rpm Maximum torque at 5 seconds: 1400ft-lb Overall length: 8.9-inch to 227mm Air inlet: 3/8 inches Air hose (I.D): 1/2 inches Average air consumption: 7.3 cfm or  206 L/minute Net weight: 8.42 lbs/ 3.82 kg

About Us

KUANI was founded in 1980 by the Cheng brothers in a small 100sqm apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. The business started out machining parts and gears for other manufacturers.

Due to the limited profitable income from this type of work KUANI decided to diversify into other areas and in 1985 we manufactured our first palm sized impact wrench, the KI-851. This was targeted towards the DIY market which at that time was already filled with similar products from our competitors.

KUANI decided we needed a product to make us stand out from the competition and in 1989 we developed the KI-853 a Twin Hammer impact wrench. This was made for the professional user in Taiwan and it was not long before news of it reached the U.S. and the interest of a well-known air tool manufacturer. A large annual order was placed with KUANI for the KI-853 and from this the company started to grow.

Based on this early success KUANI has over the last 30 years been devoted to continually upgrading the quality of its products and service and to date KUANI has made over a hundred different types of air tools for various types of working processes, to complement this KUANI have also designed and manufactured instruments to test them.

KUANI is always listening to our customers and the information we receive is used to continually improve the efficiency of its products as an ongoing part of research and development. KUANI also puts health and safety high on the list of priorities and this together with the ecological effect that manufacturing can have on the environment helps to keep KUANI ahead maintaining its position as the market leader.


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